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My Mission

Translate what the eyes see and often the camera can't. Using stacking and combining different exposures, only to reproduce reality in all its art, without fictions and replacements.

My Process

What I Do

I love pre-production: planning the final picture before shoting, something really needed if you want to make complex pictures. I usually take multiple shoot for a single subject and superimpose them in post, to obtain one final image with more information. Below you can find what I mean, and in My Portfolio you will see all this techniques in action.


For star-trails and milky-way shoots my process is the same: taking several shots and stacking them one over the other. In one case to obtain the moving stars, in the other to have less noise and more details. For both I always shoot the sky in the same location of the ground, planning to have a good composition between them.


It consist in combining different photos taken at different hours in the same place, allowing merging different light separated by several hours in one single picture. I use it in daytime landscape to fuse sunset and sunrise, or in nightscapes to combine a clear blue-hour foreground with the night sky of some hours later.

Light Painting

Sometimes I like to animate the scene making light-trails using a torch, or lighting effects using steel-wool fire. As for the other techniques a lot of planning and attempts are needed, and I usually take several shoots and combine them in post to extend and maximize the effect.

Vertical Pano

Often to have all what I see in my picture I have to make a panorama: usually a vertical one. Once I do so, I have to make for every section of the pano all the effects in this list, making several attempts to create photos that can join correctly. The result is a very big and complex final image.

My Portfolio

Landscapes Showcase

My favourite shoots are the night ones: I love astrophotography and shooting dark skies. My second love is distorting time thanks to what I call "superlong-exposure" of several minutes or hours. Here you can find a small selection of photos I think best describe my style, but you can see a more complete collection below in My Galleries.

My Galleries

All my Pictures

Here you can find the complete collection of my photos, divided by the subject of the trip. For everyone there is the title, the type and the method behind its creation. For more information visit My Tutorials.

About me.

I am a designer from Milan, so creativity is already part of my work. I like to travel and discover new places, but always with the aim of taking pictures. I dedicate great care to location-scouting with long mountain hikes in search of the perfect spot. I always shot the real night-sky of the subject, planning pictures where the milkyway is co-protagonist of the scene.

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My star Maps

Nightsky Cartography

I love nightsky, and I love to know what I'm looking at when I shoot my astrophoto. For this reason, I started researching on star atlantes to understand the name of the stars in my pictures, and I decided to make star-maps on top of my shots. It’s a very frustrating work, done totally by hand on Adobe Illustrator, but I really like the result: it make everything more real and deep in meaning. Here a little collection of Star Maps.

My Services

Tutorials & Prints

If you always asked yourself how I make my picture here the answer! You can download My Tutorials and discover my complete workflow, or you can schedule a Skype Lesson and have a one-to-one directly with me. Also if you want one of my photo in your home, now it’s possible! Complete the form and hang one of My Prints on your wall!

My Tutorial

Different videos, each one a step-by-step lesson: starting from the preproduction and the planning, to the final composition. My complete workflow through all the software I use (Photopills, Lightroom, Sequator, Photoshop). Available both in ITALIAN and in ENGLISH

My Prints

All of my picture are available to be printed
in a large format. Choose your favourite from My Galleries, and have on your wall an Artistic Landscape! Hig-quality print on FOREX, customizable in size, with hooks for hanging-up and free shipping throughout all Italy.

* Not all the Video-Tutorial are available in both languages. The cost of shipping outside Italy may variate.

My Clients

Work Projects

Below you can see some brands I had the opportunity to work with, making photo-shoots for instagram, calendars or advertorials. My most importat work was the campaign for the Artic Vodka launch. For it, I spent more than 4 months going around Italy, to capture sunsets and sunrise on the top of the most iconic italian mountains. Here a the Complete Project.


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If you want to contact me, for businnes reasons or just to comment, you can find here all you need. Please take a moment to fill in the contact form, and I will get back to you shortly. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

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