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My Mission

Translate what the eyes see and often the camera can't. Using long-expo and combining different exposures, only to reproduce reality in all its art, without fictions and replacement.

My Style

What I Do.

You will see four different types of photos in My Portfolio, a difference based on the method behind them not on the subject. Below you can find what I mean, but if you eager to know more you can see My Workflow.


My favorite pictures are the one made by-night trying to obtain the best both from the foreground both from the sky. For star-trails and for milky-way shoots my process is the same: taking several shoots and combining one over the other. In one case to obtain the moving stars, in the other to have more light and more details.


It consists in extending an exposition in photoshop adding multiple long-expo using a smartobject. The result is an exposition of several hours, made of hundreds of pictures superimposed, to create a crystal clear image (whit crisp details and smooth water and sky) and more complexity and layering in the lighting.


The technique to compose different photos taken at different hours. This allows to combine different light separated by several minutes in one single picture more rich and artistic. The best use of this is in cityscapes: combining a sunset (or a golden-hour) whit the artificial lights of the blue-hour.


The "easy-one", the pictures where I obtained most of the effect in camera and I used the post-production only to enhance it, without combining hundreds of pictures. These photos are less complex and were made by a single click, or at most by 2-3 when there is a focus-stacking or HDR.

My Portfolio

Landscapes Showcase.

My favorite shoots are the night one: I love astrophotography and shooting dark skies. My second love is distorting time thanks to what I call "superlong-exposure" of several minutes or hours.
Here you can find a small selection of photos I think best describe my style, but you can see a more complete collection in My Galleries.

About me.

I'm a Designer, working as Design & Communication Manager in Italy. I like travelling and discovering new places, but always with the objective to take pictures. I like the preproduction almost as the shooting: I like to be prepare on location, but sometime I just fall in love with a spot e try to find the photo there...

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Above you can see some brand I've done some small photo-shoots for. If you want to contact me too, you can find here all you need. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

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